Operation: MOM

"What Our Program Is All About"

During World War II, a group of mothers who had sons or daughters involved in the war, formed a support group. Today, military support groups are formed within their own branches. Our group, Operation: MOM was created in the same supportive spirit with two differences. The first difference is that Operation: MOM includes all family and friends of those who are active military personnel. We serve as a support group for parents, spouses, sisters, brothers, close family, and friends of those securing our freedom, whether here or afar. The second difference is Operation: MOM includes all branches of service. Operation: MOM extends this purpose to the families of those on the battlefield, in the air, on the seas and under them and those just starting out in their military training. It is important we support one another, assist one another, and meet the special needs all of us are having or soon will experience, no matter what branch of service our loved one is in.

We also provide direct support to our military personnel who are currently deployed overseas through letters of encouragement, food packages, and other necessities that will remind our troops of how much they are supported and loved. We remind them of our great appreciation for their contribution to each and everyone of us on the home front. Our military troops will face their enemies knowing we are praying for each and every one of them, and thinking of them often. We are united as Americans, one country, and for one great purpose: FREEDOM!

The income from our products will go towards serving our troops and their families. Our greatest resource is not our financial effort, but the great belief in a strong county that binds the hearts of our volunteers to reach others for the same unified purpose.

Our program, Operation: MOM was birthed by two friends, Dotty and Gloria, who each have a son in the service, who share one destiny - to serve our nation in the United States Marine Corps. Together, our immediate family members have served in the Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines during WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and currently, our struggle for continued freedom in the Middle East. Both our sons are on alert for the next phase of war on terrorism. Our commitment, like yours, is steadfast in supporting our son's and our proud troops!

Operation: MOM has the support of our local Armed Forces.


How can you help?

* Tee Shirt sales help us provide financial support needed to create care packages and provide for special needs that may arise for our military personnel and their families. Buy a shirt!

* Gather names of military personnel, platoon numbers, and addresses so we may reach as many of our troops as possible.

* Volunteer to buy care package goodies and/or put together a care package.

* Become a buddy with other military families. Supporting each other is a gift!

* Spread the word about Operation: MOM

* Give us your ideas.