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Military Family Support
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WWIB Radio 103.7
reviews Operation Mom

Necessity is the mother of invention. That is exactly how Operation: MOM was born. Two friends, Dotty and Gloria, who each have a son in the U.S. Marine Corps began a mail service to encourage them and other military. WWIB and PAK MAIL of Eau Claire have joined forces with them to encourage military from northwestern Wisconsin!

WWIB is the drop point for the collection for donated items of personal hygiene, non-perishable food items and fun things. They will be packed in ziplock baggies then packed in shoe boxes at WWIB on Saturday May 10th, the day before Mother's Day and sent as a Little Touch of Home to military personnel. PAK MAIL of Eau Claire has donated the cost of mailing 50 boxes. How can WWIB listeners help?

*Through May 5th drop off the following items to WWIB studios Monday through Friday 9:00AM - 4:30PM. Everything must be individually wrapped and sealed.

Beef/turkey Jerky Protein Power packet
Protein Bars Gummy worms/bears
Jelly Beans Meal Replacement Bars
Microwave popcorn Playing Cards
Q-tips Sanitary/Baby wipes
Snack-size sweet cereal Word puzzles
Sealed individual cookies Vitamins
Instant Coffee Sealed individual trail mix
Granola bars Chewing gum
Dental floss Tic tacs
Foot/body powder Sunscreen
Powdered Gatorade Insect Repellant
Hand sanitizing gel Smallest Packs of Pringles chips

*Plan to join the WWIB packing crew on Saturday, May 10th from 9:00AM - 12 Noon.

*Send us or email csteward@wwib.com the names of men/women from northwest Wisconsin currently serving in the military. We will take the first 50 names. Include the following information:

Line 1: Military Title, Name, Military Branch
Line 2: Platoon, Company, M.E.U. etc.
Line 3/4: Overseas FPO or APO address
Line 5: City in Wisconsin where soldier lives.

I.E. PFC Joe Smith US Army
A Company 1/3 2nd BLT
FPO 12345-6789
Chippewa Falls, WI

For more information call Carol Steward at WWIB: (715) 723-1037.
or check out the website at - www.operationmom.org

This editorial is no longer available on the WWIB website due to the age of the document

KNCO 830

reviews Operation Mom

Deana Martinez
Mar 05 09:12am

There are several organizations that support deployed troops. But who supports those left behind? KNCO talked to Dee Rein of Operation Mom, a local organization that gets together twice a month to not only support their loved ones with care packages, but support each other.
“We have a support meeting where everyone who wishes to share news about their loved one that is deployed can do that. We go around the room and introduce everyone.”
Rein says that Operation Mom is not just for those that are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan; it's for all those who are far from home.
“Not just in Iraq or Afghanistan but if you have a loved on in Uzbekistan or Germany or Okinawa, and you want us to support them with our touch of home care packages every month, then Operation Mom meets every month on the third Tuesday in Colfax at the Veteran’s Hall where we assemble these touch of home care packages for our troops.”
To lend a hand to Operation Mom you can check out their website Operation Mom.org.

This editorial is no longer available on the KNCO website due to the age of the document