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Online Home

Operation Mom is the online home of mothers of veterans or active duty military folk. We understand that your child is doing a tremendous duty for the United States.

The Military

We understand the tremendous amount of sacrifice expected from your child. We also know full well the actual sacrifices that may need to be made.

Employment Opportunities

Simply put, being the mom of a veteran or an active duty military personnel can be quite stressful. It can also feel downright lonely.


This is why this website was formed. These are the reasons why the website was built. We were looking to build an online platform for moms.

The Philosophies

Veterans as well as active duty military personnel, both in the United States, its surrounding territories, as well as overseas bases, can meet.

Economic Spectrum

This is a support group. You can post questions, you can post blog content, and you can share links. In other words, you can lend your voice.

Preserving Decency

We also pay special attention to moms of veterans who came back home with serious disabilities. Due to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as attacks on military installations in many different parts of the globe, an alarming number of our military personnel.

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Military Personnel

Whether we’re talking about missing limbs, torn up bodies, or psychological and emotional damage, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. There are a lot of problems that need to be addressed. Many of these problems are actually beneath the surface.

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Welcoming Environment

Given this context, it is no surprise that moms of veterans feel so alienated. They feel disconnected. They feel that a lot of their friends in their local area simply cannot get them. As much as these friends try to relate, until and unless they become the mothers.

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Well, you no longer have to be frustrated. You no longer have to worry about people not understanding what you’re referring to because this is the place for military moms to share their points of view, share their experiences, and yes, share their grief. Make no mistake about it, veterans face lots of challenges. In fact, there is a suicide epidemic for veterans in the United States. An alarming number of veterans, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, commit suicide.

A lot also are in danger of substance abuse or accidental overdoses. Many veterans also face challenges getting a job. You’d think that if the US government would trust someone to properly operate millions of dollars’ worth of military hardware that a private employer would trust that veteran with more basic tasks. Sadly, this is isn’t always the case. That’s why we offer employment resources here to help ensure that veterans are aware of the great range of employment opportunities available to them.

If you think that it’s rough on these former or current military personnel directly, wait until you talk to the people who love them the most. That’s right. Wait until you talk to their mothers. This is why this website, on the flipside of its total and full support for active duty military as well as veterans’ benefits, goes out of its way to create an online community meeting place. This is a place where moms can step out of the shadows and simply lay out whatever it is they’re feeling.

This is the opportunity that you’ve been looking for because for once, you will be understood. For once, people will not ask awkward questions. For once, people would be able to see eye to eye with you because they have actually lived the life that you are going through. In other words, this is a very special place, so feel free to share resources. Don’t be shy about sharing your insights. Don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard because that’s the only way we can build bridges.